Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #59

Hello Ladies!

Lots of fun getting ready for Easter things going on at our house and at our church this week. My daughters are both volunteering in the church nursery this weekend. Amy is going to wear something casual. Emily is going to wear a dress I received for review this week. I think I'm going to wear a springy floral print dress I made last fall. 

Lowell is still job hunting. He works at it every day. He had an interview this week and has another one by phone next week. We keep praying. It's been over three months now. 

We have faith that God will provide until he provides a job. 

Here are some of the things we've done in our home this week,
some ways that God has miraculously provided for us this week.

This week I was inspired by this quote from Jes at Strangers and Pilgrims on Earth:

"It is always best to make do and smile 
at the little things you can create, 
than to make no attempt at all!" 

~ I cut my own bangs. 
~ My son got some great deals on equipment he needed at a first day of spring yard sale.
~ I carried bottled water from home.
~ I received a dress for review that Emily is going to wear to the homeschool spring formal. 
~ I received a spiral slicer for review. 
~ I received a book I wanted from Paperback Swap for 1 credit plus $.49. 
~ We accepted an invitation to eat lunch with a group at church Sunday.
~ I bought seven packages of chicken thighs for $.49 a lb. Most packages were $2 or less for 7-8 thighs. 
~ I ordered the Free High School Forms.
~ I patched three pairs of jeans for my sons. 
~ I ordered a dress for my Emily with a 15% off coupon and a $50 gift certificate that I won about three years ago. She paid the postage, and the entire out-of-pocket was about $8!
~ I received some movies for review this week.
~ I received a jump rope for Amy for review this week. 
~ I packed a take-along lunch of home cooked chicken breast, bread, mayonnaise, and tortilla chips for lunch after Good Friday service. Then we helped fill eggs for the kids for Easter Sunday.
~ I made another dishcloth this week. I am thinking about selling some in my Etsy shop. I haven't put anything in the shop for awhile. 
Sounds like I'd better start testing and writing some reviews! Most of the reviews will be Amazon reviews. Click here if you'd like to see what I've reviewed. 

I am splurging on meals for Easter Day. 

Cereal for breakfast
Homemade Hand Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches for dinner
Chocolate Icebox Pie for dessert

I want the kids to enjoy the day.
How are you blessing your family with your thrifty ways this week?
Have a blessed Easter! 

...doing what I can with what I've got where I am 
on a short shoestring budget!

Trusting in Jesus!
Jesus Jesus Jesus
Sweetest Name I know
Fills my every longing
Keeps Me Singing As I Go


  1. Wow - you are such a great example of thriftiness and look for the best in a challenge. I do know what you are going through. We have had periods in our life when my husband was unemployed for several months. God does provide. Eventually the job will come. Blessings to you this Easter. He is risen! Love and prayers from AZ!

    1. Thank you Deb, I am trusting in God. So far, we've been able to pay the bills. We will have to pray in a job or more money to pay April's bills. ~smile~

      Things like this help us to learn to trust God for our provision as well as other things.

      Happy Easter!

  2. Hi Laura, FedEx brought our box yesterday. Our had 2 kinds of oranges, 5 apples, a pineapple, 4 Italian squash, 3 potatoes, 1 onion, a big cabbage and a bouquet of rainbow chard. It was a fun surprise and the 3 little grand boys were here to help open it. Thank you for hosting the contest. We will enjoy eating them.

    I always get inspired by your frugal posts. You are doing great! I know it is hard and I applaud you!

  3. I know I say this a lot...but you are def. and inspiration. Been there, done that and something still doing it. Happy Easter to all of you, friend.

    1. You're so sweet Linda. I hope your classes are going well. My daughter Emily is a senior in homeschool high school. She just finished her last Physics and Chemistry test. Boy is she glad to be done! She got an A, too! Next she has to knock out Algebra II!

      Be blessed and enjoy a very happy Easter!

  4. Great post. I love how you share these Blessings with us!
    I had two gifts to complete and stopped at Michaels and ran into some bargains. It's amazing to me also how bargains appear! We find some really amazing bargains at our grocery store. I'd love to get the opportunity to do reviews other than books. I'd love to see the dress.
    Thanks for sharing these Blessings with us.
    Have a wonderful and Blessed Easter! XXOO

    1. God is so very good to us, isn't he? I'll probably post a picture of Emily in the dress soon. After the first of the year, Amazon sellers started contacting me. I'm in and out of the top 10,000 reviewers. It goes up and down. I don't know how they determine it. I guess all I can say is keep posting reviews on Amazon. I've also contacted small companies directly a couple of times, gave them my stats, and requested a review. It doesn't hurt to ask.

  5. Oh one more thing. I told my Cowboy about your salsa recipe. We are planning on trying it!

  6. Hope you and your family have a blessed Easter. So proud you have had such blessings with your Easter needs.. God is good..
    Praying for your husbands job interviews.

  7. Praying that your husband will get a job soon. Throughout the years my husband was laid off -one time for close to a year. We were so glad for him to get back to work. It is rough.

    You get a lot of nice items to review! Seems like the Lord blesses you with just the right things!

    Have a Happy Easter

  8. I hope things work out for your husband to find a job soon. Happy Easter to you and your family, Laura!

  9. You have some great examples of thriftiness this week :))

    Praying for your husband in his job search - the Lord is watching over you and has it all under control even though I am sure it doesn't feel like it.

  10. Love your frugality and Shrimp Pasta is a fave of ours.. I find your reviews interesting.. How neat is that? xo

    1. Thank you Faye. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your home decorating.

  11. I always enjoy your posts, Laura! You bring a smile to your challenges, I think that is a gift to other people, it encourages them, and me too!
    Still hoping your husband gets a job soon!

  12. Laura, I'm not sure which post you had about how to get reviews. I want to thank you though for the great instructions from the other blogger on improving my profile on Amazon. After I improved my profile I received my first unsolicited review for a book today! So nice thanks again!


  13. Wow, you sure got a lot accomplished for little! And thank you for adding our quote, so sweet of you! :)

    1. You're welcome, Jes. I hope some ladies come and visit you. I had to skip my post this week. I got distracted and didn't get much done to add to the list. I decided my Rejoicing post would do since so many of you dear ladies are praying for our family. ~smile~

  14. Wow, great job on the savings.

    I hope your husband finds a job soon, it would sure reduce any stress you may have. Enjoy your week!

    1. Hi Kelly,
      He did! He starts on Monday. Thank you so much for your prayers. Now to make it to that first paycheck!


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