Saturday, April 9, 2016

Spiritual Truth from an Open Door and my Little Dog

A chilly evening...
Mister building a fire in the woodstove...
Holding my little Doxie Mix Penny in my arms...
Smoke in the house...
Opening the door to get fresh air...
Penny intent on escape...
Out the door...
To run and play...
My voice in her ear...
"Jesus, Jesus, Yeshua haMachiach...
You will obey...
If you look at the temptation, it's stronger."

Yikes! I have been speaking the name of Jesus quietly in Penny's ear for awhile now. I'm trying to teach her to be calmer and to allow me to touch her paws. Tonight, when I whispered these words in her ear, my spirit jerked to attention. It was a word to me! I will obey. If I look at the temptation, it will be stronger.

Words from God to me from my own lips. 


P.S. Yeshua means salvation (Jesus).
HaMachiach means the Messiah or the Christ.

Hence, Jesus Messiah or Jesus Christ.

UPDATE: Speaking in Penny's ear worked! 
She is much calmer and allows me to touch
her paws any time now.


  1. Yeshua haMachiach...

    Hey! I love His name said like that. It's important to Jewish roots.

    God speaks in unexpected ways sometimes. Love this post.

    1. My pastor calls him that sometimes, and it just seems so right. I love the way my little dog even seems to know the name. All creation shall praise his name!

  2. Hello, What a sweet story, God does want us to obey and to not look into those open doors. And yes He will use our children and our pets and our husbands, or a complete stranger. But you spoke it to your own ears...
    Hugs, Roxy

    1. He does things like that once in awhile Roxy. I'll be by for a visit soon. Hugs to you!

  3. Such a powerful message, my friend. Thank you for sharing these words with us and encouraging us to do right. Hugs and joy to you!

    1. You too, Stephanie!
      We're in for storms tonight and tomorrow. Hope it's pretty where you are.

  4. Yes ma'am...very true...thank you for sharing these words. Blessings

  5. Oh what a sweet post. I love this! I came over to let you know I featured you in my Monday post. Sandra at Happy Homemaker changed her template. She added a favorite blog to share so I shared you! Just thought I would let you know.
    Have a good week!

    1. Oh you are just so sweet! Thank you. I feel honored.
      I'll be over in just a bit to visit.

  6. Perhaps if I had tried this method of training our last dog would have behaved better!
    I love it when we see such clear lessons of God's truth.

  7. What a surprising and adorable way to learn this lesson.
    I'm gonna try this on our dogs.

  8. i've got some puppy parables myself - good point - looking at bolting at the door too long and it happens!

  9. I have a dachshund named Molly. I whisper things all the time in her ears. Convicting message for all of us. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Talk. Love for you to link this again on Thursday at my party.

    1. You're welcome Michelle. I want to be called Grammie someday, too! When does your Thursday party go live?

  10. That's so true! Amazing what lessons you can learn at the weirdest times.

  11. I am drawn to Hebrew the word Yeshua (Jesus)...what does haMachiach mean?

    1. Yeshua means salvation (Jesus).
      haMachiach means the Messiah or the Christ.

      Hence, Jesus Messiah or Jesus Christ.
      I guess I should add that to the bottom of the post!

      Someone might think I got something strange going on!


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