Friday, April 15, 2016

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #61

Welcome to another thrifty week at Harvest Lane Cottage. I am honored by your visit.  Each week I share my thrifty and frugal projects, ways of saving money, and my blessings from God. 

I am so glad you dropped in for a visit today—or tonight!
I have enjoyed meeting so many ladies over the past few weeks. 
I love it when y'all leave comments, so I can meet you and see your blogs, too.

My main way of saving money this week was not spending money!
Well, not much money anyway!

~ I bought a nice dress for my Amy to wear to the spring homeschool banquet at a new thrift store I found in a little town nearby. I also got a pretty skirt for her, a book for me, and a full roll of springy wrapping paper. I do love to give gifts! $2 for all! Praise God!

~ While at the thrift store, a stranger handed me $20 and told me God told her to give it to me! Praise God! I needed gas money! Thank you Lord!

~ I used a check that my friend C sent me to buy gas and some groceries. Thanks so much C!

~ I ironed my husband's clothes instead of sending them to the cleaners.

~ I packed lunches for my husband to take to work! 

~ I carried my water bottle with me everywhere. I really like it, because I can open and close it with one hand. Linked just to show you which one I like.

~ I downloaded a new desktop wallpaper from Debbie Mumm.

Get yours free!

I cannot express my thanks to all of you who have sent gifts and/or prayed for our family during this trial. God has been so good to us. I can hardly believe that our storm is almost over, then we will begin the process of rebuilding our emergency fund and finding our family's new normal. 

For those of you who have told me that your husband has recently lost his job, I pray that God will provide all of your needs through His riches in glory. I pray that you will keep the faith. He will take care of you and your family. Perhaps this will encourage you.

What have you been up to this week? Any thrifty plans for the weekend?

May God bless you all and take care of each one of you. 
Look for the joy!

...doing what I can with what I've got where I am 
on a short shoestring budget!

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  1. Not a very thrifty week around here. I am hosting a bridal shower for my niece tomorrow. I keep it simple with cupcakes, fruit & veggie trays and homemade decor. Still seems like I have spent a fortune this week. Fruits and veggies are not cheap!

    I am super happy you are through this storm. Knowing that you can work toward your emergency fund and no longer have to worry about just surviving must feel like a tremendous weight has been lifted. Praising with you that your need have and will continue to be met!

    1. Thank you Wendi. You are so kind. How did the shower go? Cupcakes and homemade decor sound great!

  2. So thankful things are looking up for you and your family. Don't you love that someone out there listened to the "voice" then acted on it. Sometimes it is as blessed to be the blessing as it is to be the recipient of the gift. It is just one of those mysterious ways things.

    1. Yes, God is so good, and it's so good when we are obedient to his promptings. I've been on the giving end, too. It blesses the giver and the receiver.
      Thanks for talking back!

  3. This was a blessing to read!

  4. Don't you just love when those God things happen like in the thrift store. And somebody listens to Him. I love that desktop- I have it now! Thank you! So happy for your husband's new job! You did great all through his unemployment. Angela

    1. ​It was miraculous, Angela. Thank you for sharing my joy. Enjoy the desktop. I am! Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Praise God from Whom all blessings flow...He is so faithful to us! Your children will remember the amazing ways God has answered prayer on your behalf, and they will tell it to the generations following. God bless you, sweet friend. :)

    1. I do hope so Cheryl. The last twelve years have been so full of struggle and hardship.... But, when I feel down about it, I remind myself that I gave them life, I give them love, and I gave them Jesus.

  6. Sounds like you had a great week. I'm glad things are better for you. Amazing that a stranger just gave you money! Thanks for sharing your Blessings.
    I read the review sounds like an interesting book. Thanks for sharing it.

  7. Thank you so much for your blog. God has used it to inspire me to persevere as my husband has been out of work since January of this year. God continues to provide financially as well as by providing peace and stillness through this. Reading about your family has certainly helped! Thank you!

  8. It sounds like you had so many more blessings! Isn't God amazing to guide that person to give you the money? It gives you goosebumps! Have a great weekend!

    1. It was amazing Kelly. God has taught me to accept blessings, because it's a blessing to the giver as well as to me. Have a wonderful week, Kelly!

  9. Congratulations! This post will be featured this week at My Flagstaff Home!


    1. Oh wow! That's terrific Jennifer. I am honored!


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