Friday, November 4, 2016

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #85

Welcome to another thrifty week at Harvest Lane Cottage. I am honored by your visit.  Each week I share my thrifty and frugal projects, ways of saving money, and my blessings from God. 

I am so glad you dropped in for a visit today—or tonight!

   We've been really busy with Autumn life including bonfires, church activities, campaigning, writing, reading, hot tea sipping, decorating and a little baking. 
Here's my thrifty week:
  • A friend gave me another blouse she no longer needed. 
  • Since we've been campaigning a lot at Republican Headquarters. They provided meals if we were working at mealtime. 
  • Fifty cent corndogs for all at Sonic on Reformation Day. Yep, I know they thought they were celebrating Halloween. ~smile~
  • Update on the wedding gift I gave last month (a very big bottle of Dawn dish soap and half a dozen handmade tribbles): I received a sweet handwritten card yesterday from the bride saying they were her favorite gift because they were handmade, practical, and she needed them. Success! She'll be a frugal wife yet!
  • We ate ribs that my dad gave us during our long period of unemployment at the beginning of the year. God has blessed us with so much chicken this fall, I'm going to have to thaw, cook, debone, and refreeze it to make room should my son shoot a deer this season. I'd better get on that soon!
  • My daughter used both sides of the paper when she made her copies for the girls' Bible study she's leading.
  • I sewed more tissue holder gifts. 
  • I mended my son's flashlight holder.
  • A big bag of peanuts in the shell for snacking for just $1.99.

Well, that's my thrifty week. 
What are you doing in your home this week?

A peek into my life...

...doing what I can with what I've got
where I am on a short shoestring budget!



  1. Love seeing those signs and the brave souls who hold them! God bless you all abundantly, sweet friend. :)

    1. I wish they didn't need to be brave, but you're right. God bless you friend, and thank you.

  2. What a great week!
    Here, it's been laundry, groc shopping, and general cleaning. I did get a huge deal on rocking chairs for our porch. I'll be posting about that at Little Pond in the upcoming days.

    Like you, I have so much food in our freezer that there's almost no room for a deer (if Dh gets one this year). Just too many great deals on meats, you know? lol

    Happy Weekend!

    1. Hi Tammy,
      I thawed some chicken that I'm going to bake or boil later today. It's not much, but it's a start!
      I'll be by for a visit in a few minutes.
      Be blessed!

  3. You have had a busy week.. And still found time to do frugal things..
    Two pretty girls in the photo..[is this your daughters?]
    Wonderful that the people do the right to life walk.. May God bless our unborn children.
    I am up to my ears in turnip/mustard greens.. Putting them in the freezer.[Racing the clock , before the frost kills them]. You were right, they did get ready before frost.. smile.

    1. Hi Judy,
      My daughter's on the right. Next week promises to be very busy, too. I'll work election day at a poll, and maybe Monday at the courthouse. Since I don't usually work, I welcome the chance to make a little Christmas money. I can stretch Christmas money well.

      I remember the first right to life walk I did. I was unable to have a baby because of some physical issues, and I wanted one so badly. I remember tears coming down my face at the thought of someone wanting to kill their baby. My heart goes out to those who have had abortions, I know it scars a mother forever. I am thankful that God forgives even that when the mother reaches out to him in repentance. Thank God for his mercy and grace.

      I've never eaten turnip and mustard greens. How do you prepare them?


  4. Handmade tribbles?? Did you name those after Star Trek?

    What am I doing this week...? Praying. Lots.

  5. Great thrifty post. Your working hard and training up your young ones right.
    Thanks for sharing this and encouraging me.
    Have a good weekend.

    1. I'm trying Lynn. You know it's something we just keep working at. Be blessed and enjoy your Sunday.

  6. Sounds like a productive, fun week, my friend!
    I too am making room in hopes of a deer soon!
    Have a cozy weekend. : )

    1. Billie Jo,
      I hope you get that deer! Enjoy your weekend.
      Blessings to you my friend!

  7. We didn't get an elk or a deer this season, so buying meats on sale to stock our freezer. I think we will be butchering a pig coming up soon, so that will help stock them up!

    I've been collecting the last of our tomatoes, freezing them for canned salsa later. Then of course there's cleaning and school planning to do and just enjoying each day I can while its still warm out. Not sure if I enjoy the time change as its dark out by 5. Makes for a long evening....
    Enjoy your week Laura!

    1. Hi Amy,
      I'm sorry you didn't harvest any meat this year. Your season is earlier than ours. I boiled two bags of oddly cut chicken that were given to me today in the Crock Pot while I was away. I'm deboning them tonight. I'm saving the nice pieces for tomorrow's sandwiches, and I might use some for a soup tomorrow evening. The rest that I don't use will be bagged and refrozen. It will make a smaller package in the freezer. I should have started on this a few weeks ago. I have a lot of this odd chicken. I was given around forty pounds. I think they're the discards from the chicken house, but they make good soup.

      I don't mind the long evenings so much IF I can stay home. We've been so busy lately, I almost look forward to getting snowed in!

      Have a wonderful week. I'm glad to know you're making use of every opportunity to provide for your family.

      Oh, while we were cleaning out our well room, my husband found three good buckets of winter wheat! I guess I'll be making some homemade wheat bread soon.

      God bless you!
      Pray for our country. We need to vote, and we need to heal after a bitter battle that is threatening to divide our country.


  8. A great thrifty week Laura. I agree that the wedding gift is wonderful! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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