Monday, July 10, 2017

Happy Homemaker Monday ~ July 10, 2017

As I write ... Sunday evening

The weather....  It's hot enough that I've hidden inside all day. Thank you God for air conditioning! Even window air is better than nothing; and, with the new ceiling fan, it's much nicer.

Right now I am... Just relaxing. My Lowell just paid bills, thanks Honey! I might pull out a book or my knitting later.

Thinking... I should have had my husband snap a photo for me this morning before church. I don't feel great about how I look or feel right now, but I know it's always nice to see a smiling face here on the blog.

A quote to share... 
"When life isn't going according to our plans, we should recognize that it might actually be going according to God's plan." 

NOW: Purposeful Steps Toward a More Abundant Life by Mrs. Sarah Coller p.52

 On my reading pile...  

Lessons at Blackberry Inn
by my friend Karen Andreola
Check out her Moments with Mother Culture site.

Favorite blog post last week...  

Something fun to share...

Blog hopping... 
On the menu for this week.... 
  • Monday...  Pork Chops and Veggies
  • Tuesday... Went off plan
  • Wednesday... Potpies
  • Thursday... Scalloped Potatoes and Ham casserole
  • The remainder of the week remains a mystery!
On my to do list... 
  • Still recovering from chemo
  • Finish school records from last year
  • Try to do a little decluttering
  • Medical appointment Wednesday
In the workbasket...  
  • Still working on the extra hat that I plan to give to another chemo patient.

Looking forward to this week...
  • Early morning walks with doggy to look at the garden
  • Staying in the air conditioning as much as possible!
Looking around the house... The girls are watching a movie on Pureflix, Lowell is watching something on Netflix, and I'm probably going to go sit and knit a bit in the bedroom.

From the camera...
My Amy

A few more plants waiting to be potted and planted.
Devotional...  If you only click one link in this post, make it this one!

On my prayer list...

  • Peace of Jerusalem and Israel
  • Wisdom, health, and protection for President Trump, Vice-President Pence, and their families. 
  • Healing for our country so that we may be ONE nation under God.
  • Continued healing for Al, who is recovering from back surgery
  • Cancer will die the death in my body. My heart, brain, organs, and healthy cells will be protected. I will live and not die and declare the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Psalm 118:17

Father God, I pray that you will meet each reader where she is right now. You know the plans that you have for her. They are good plans. I pray that you will cause her to hear Holy Spirit's prompting in her life. I pray that you will meet every need she has for her family and for herself. I ask it in Jesus' Name. I also pray for healing by the power of the blood of Jesus Christ to be manifest in her body and in those she cares about. I ask it all in Jesus' Name. Amen.

Thanks for dropping by!
Please say hello.

Joining with Sandra at Happy Homemaker Monday.


  1. Dear Laura ... such a lovely blog post. I love your gift to encourage and inspire. Thank you for sharing my blog post from last week. You continue to be in my thoughts and in my prayers sweet friend. Blessings & Hugs ♥ Teri

    1. You're quite welcome Teri!
      Thank you for praying.

  2. Thank you so much for the blog post mention!! Praying for you and trusting this week's chemo will not be so hard on you. God bless you and keep you and send total healing to your body, in Jesus' name!

    1. No chemo this week. Just recovering from last week. No appetite at all. Food tastes "off". Textures bother me. I am trying to make myself eat, but I can't seem to get much down at a time. Trying to drink, too. I don't want to get dehydrated.

      I receive the healing in Jesus' Name.


  3. I have read just a snipet of the Blackberry Inn book and it was wonderful, Laura. I hope you'll post a review!

    ...praying for your healing...

  4. I don't know if you ever watch Joyce Meyer, but I saw one of her shows yesterday where she talked about when she was diagnosed with cancer. She leaned on the Lord and trusted Him and came through it. I wish I could link the episode, don't know how, but I am sure you can find the story. She talks about it a lot.

  5. The bench planter is adorable! I'll have to show that to hubby as a hint! hint! ;)

  6. I hear you on the a/c. We have a new (less than a year old) a/c and we have ceiling fans in every main room of the house. Stylists can say what they like about them being unfashionable, the difference they make/the help they give an a/c is invaluable, esp in the South!

    And hugs to you. Please know that we are keeping you and your sweet family I prayer.

  7. Always a delight to hear what is happening in your world Laura, your perspective, and love and trust in the Lord is a joy to read about, especially with all you are going through with the chemo! We are SO overjoyed about the miracle with Kristen's little Eli being born too! Our God is so good! We are continuing to pray for you and claim the prayer that you have prayed in Jesus name! With love and hugs :)

    1. I look forward to sharing good things happening in my world one day!
      Be blessed, Marilyn

      Actually, good things are happening. Just haven't been too good at seeing them lately.

  8. Amen sista' on the air conditioning, we have 4 window units and 3 stand fans that keep it nice in here. I have been an awful friend/spouse this summer, like I told my husband, "I'm on vacation! Don't ask me important decisions." He just rolls his eyes. {{{giggling}}}

    Keeping you in prayer, friend.

  9. Hi Laura, so glad to see you joining in. Your menu sounds absolutely scrumptious. Seems a lot of you are having pork chops tonight too hahah

    I am praying for you sweet lady, as you go through the chemotherapy. I know how hard it is as my mother in law is currently going through it two, for the second time in 10 years. I'm so sorry you are having to face this, you're in my prayers.

    Hope you have a wonderful week and thank you for joining in, hope to see more of you :)

    1. Oh thank you for praying, Sandra! I truly appreciate it. I hope that once this is over, I won't ever have to go through it again. I know it could be worse, but it's bad enough for me. May God bless your mother-in-law!

      Father God, I ask you to bring complete health, and healing, and recovery to Sandra's mother-in-law. I plead the blood of Jesus over her for complete health, for cancer to die the death, and to be removed from her body. I pray for the finances to pay the bills, and for encouragement to her, and for sure salvation through Jesus Christ. I ask it all in the name of your son Jesus. Amen.

      Any ladies who read this, I ask you to pray for Sandra's m-i-l, too!

      God bless you Sandra! It is a privilege to link up with you as I'm able.
      Laura Lane
      Harvest Lane Cottage

  10. Hi Laura!! Sending continued prayers for healing and wishing you God's grace this day and the whole week through. Stay nice and cool. ;) xoxo

  11. Hello,my friend...
    Your menu for the week looks delicious!
    Hoping and praying you are feeling better each day.
    Have a cozy evening. : )

    1. Hope your evening is refreshing Billie Jo!

  12. Happy Monday, Laura! I have to confess to sorta dreading this week lol. Too much going on....including a dentist appt. I always dread those! How is it that I can go weeks with nothing really hard-scheduled and then suddenly everything happens in the same week. Hmph. I guess someone should call me a Waaaambulance, huh?

    Tonight I'm making Fettucine Alfredo (a lite version) and steamed broccoli with watermelon for dessert. I do have my entire July menu planned so I'm feeling pretty proud of myself!

    I'm feeling a desire to read the entire Little House Series again, so I think that when I finish my current book (a mystery), I'm going to start with LH in the Big Woods and go from there. They're like soul food and I need to read them every few years.

    I second your Amen for air conditioning. It is sweltering out there. I was even sweating when I was in the pool today. Ick.

    Enjoy your week. I'm going to go read what The Lessons at Blackberry Inn is about. Toodles!

  13. Thank you for your prayer. Just what i needed. Been struggling a bit since my husband passed away in his sleep in April, leaving me and our 4 children. Blessings to you too. Simone x

  14. Laura, that first photo is picture perfect homemaking! I so appreciate you sharing my post. I need to hop over and read Roxy's. Always get inspiration there. I think you are an amazing woman and mother! Love the cute photo of Amy. Dinner this week all sound delicious!

  15. Laura, I read many of those same posts you referenced and enjoyed them all. We have the same taste in decor and blog friends! I just read about your diagnosis, I am so sorry to hear the news and I sending you prayers and good thoughts. I am happy to hear that the progress is positive!! All good signs!! xo

    1. OH KIM! You're just too kind!
      I'm coming over for a visit in just a few moments!
      Be blessed!

  16. Enjoy the a/c as much you want!! Those books look interesting . I'm reading Little Men by Louisa May Alcott. (I have never even read Little Women) ha!

    1. I plan to Little Penpen. I don't want to melt!

  17. Hello, I enjoyed your post! Smile!
    I went over to look at your husband's bucket garden.
    I did try that one year, but did not have much success with it.
    We even tried tomatoes upside down hanging one year in buckets,
    But no luck there really either.
    I did enjoy seeing yours.
    I hope you get a great harvest!
    I have had a horrendous headache all day.
    Not a migraine, but almost as bad.
    I am very grateful for the window unit, and the fans!
    I stayed in all day.
    Hoping for better tomorrow.
    Hugs and prayers for a good week for you!

    1. Hi Annie, I've had terrible headaches that I thought would split my head open a couple times. Last time, I took Excedrin Migraine and drank a Coca Cola. You might try that. I don't drink soda now, but it helped then.

      Father God, I ask for your divine intervention! Headaches, no matter how bad, are not too hard for you God! I plead the blood of Jesus over Annie for complete and full and swift healing! Whatever is causing this pressure and pain, God, I ask you to heal it at it's root, so that this will not return. Please God I ask in Jesus' Name!

  18. Thanks for introducing me to Happy Homemaker Monday, Laura! What a beautiful post you have put together here! I love the picture of Amy (she's so pretty!) and enjoyed getting a further glimpse into your day. The menu that you've put together look great and I really appreciate the prayer that you ended this post with. God bless you, my friend! I love you! <3

  19. I have now lived long enough to affirm the quote about "our plans" vs. those of the Lord! Eventually, we see that He knew what was best for us all along! I wish you His protection in your journey toward healing.
    One of my cats is fascinated by your bird chirps! Can't get him off the keyboard!

  20. I love this post! Such a nice peek into your home and life. I pray too that cancer does not survive in your body any longer!!

    1. Thank you so much Ann Marie!
      Be blessed!
      Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage


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