Sunday, June 9, 2019

A Chatty Little Hello From the New Cottage


Hi everyone. I'm trying something different. My computer is still not set up. Therefore, I have not yet been able to write a blog post. So, I thought I would see if I could do this on my telephone. So far, it is writing down what I say. I notice, however, that the print is really large. I don't know if I can fix that or not.

We lived at our last house for nearly 10 years. It was a great blessing. However, I do find that we accumulated far more things than I realized. We have been busy just sorting and deep cleaning. You can't imagine how dirty a house can get when you have been recovering from a major illness for two years. It's scary. Living in the country, I think we grew dust in our house.

I've truly been enjoying central air and the laundry room on the main floor in our new home. I'm trying to find places for the things that we have brought here. The garage is still half full of boxes. I have found that we have more dishes than we can probably use in a long time. I have more books then I can probably read in a year, even if I do nothing else! We had one garage sale yesterday at the old house. We will probably have another garage sale in a couple of months at the new house.

We've met some of the neighbors. It's been nice that when we're outside, some of them have said hello to us first. I know you find this hard to believe, but I'm usually the first person to say hello to people that I don't know. We live in what I call a small town. There are, I don't know, fourteen or fifteen thousand people here. But we used to live in Topeka, which at the time had 150 thousand residents. And we also lived in Oklahoma City with who knows how many residents. So this town we live in now seems little to me. My apologies to those of you who live in real little towns. Anyhow, it's been a long time since I've had people greet me first. My thought is if I want small-town friendly, then I have to be the initiator of it. I also feel like I am an ambassador for Jesus. I like to spread the love of Jesus wherever I can. It's just nice to live now in a place where it feels like a neighborhood. I feel like God sent us here, and I think we'll be happy here.

Anyhow, I just wanted to drop in and say hello, and let you all know that I'm still here. I just don't have my computer set up yet, and I haven't been able to write. Now that I know this works, you may get a few more little chatty posts just like this one. I can certainly talk faster than I can write.

Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers.

It is my hope that I'll be back to writing soon. I value the friendships that I have made here on the blog. And I thank you for joining me in this life, even if it is the miles.

God bless you all!

Laura of the new Harvest Lane Cottage


  1. So happy to see you here this afternoon!
    And I know exactly what you mean. We moved last year, and one of the many positives was realizing how much "stuff" we could do without! I feel so much better with less! So happy for you, my sweet friend. Wish I were there to help. As it is, please accept my prayers.

  2. I’ve been looking forward to hearing how you all were settling in. Take your time, at least don’t over do things. Moving house is hard work.

  3. Moving is always so stressful Laura, and when you are downsizing at the same time, its even worse. That happened when we moved to where we live now and I fear it will happen again soon as we both get older and less able to cope with our present sized house. It sounds like you are really happy with where you find yourself now and that's a blessing! I pray that you are really able to enjoy and settle in well to your new home! God bless! xoxo

  4. Glad you are settling in and all is going well.

  5. This post looks fine as I read it. I’m impressed you typed it all on your phone. I’m slow as a turtle doing text messages on my phone :)
    I’m glad your new home and neighborhood are nice.

  6. So happy you are getting situated and enjoying your new surroundings. I think it would be lovely to live in a smaller town.
    Have a great week. and don't over do it!

  7. I've been wondering about you and your new home, smiles. Have I told you how happy I am for you? smiles

  8. Moving is a big adventure and you do get rid of a lot when you move. I can't wait to see pictures of the new place.

  9. Laura I was thinking about you. Happy to hear from you. Don't we all accumulate too much stuff? Enjoy your new house and neighborhood.
    God Bless

  10. We love small towns. We have been here for 25 years and town has really grown up and come out to meet us but it is home. I am glad to hear how you are doing and that you are enjoying your new home! Can't wait to see it!

  11. So happy you just gave us a quick update! Everything takes so much time and getting your house in shape is top priority. Hugs, Roxy

  12. So very glad to see you dear! I am delighted that you are enjoying your sweet home so much! May God grant you many years there.

  13. It is good to hear from you. Glad you're getting settled in. You really don't know how much stuff you have until you start moving, do you. I remember when we moved here. Whew!

  14. Laura,

    So glad to hear that you and your family are settling into your new home. It sounds like a wonderful neighborhood you have moved to. May the LORD bless you!


  15. I am so happy for you! Enjoy setting up your new home. Get lots of rest too! God bless you!


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