Sunday, January 16, 2022

It's Time to Get Thrifty and Creative!


January 2022

Hello everyone!

  It's been just a bit since I've written about thrifty things around here. Ironic since I've spent most of the last fourteen years writing about thrifty things. I looked back and found that my most recent post about my thrifty week was in October! Woo! That was around the time that I had surgery. I was a bit distracted by recovery and the holidays, and I forgot to keep track. Enough of being sidetracked! I aim to write my thrifty week posts weekly this year. Why? I'll tell you.

  Accountability! When I know that I'm going to be sharing my thrifty activities, finds, and blessings with you, I do a lot more! Sharing it with you is like getting extra credit ~smile~. It also stirs my creativity and makes me thankful for and resourceful with what I do have. So, starting now, I'll be sharing with you again every week. Look forward to my first 2022 post later this week. 

 I have just an inch or two of snow outside. It's been here two days now. I do love it. That's easy this time, because it never caused trouble on the roads. I've also been home a lot this week. I like to look at the snow, not be out in it! 

 Well, ladies, I hope you have a lovely week. I don't know if I will do any substitute teaching or not. Our schools went online last Wednesday. They are supposed to open Tuesday, but we'll see. We've had a spike in Covid cases around here. I'm not afraid, but I am wise about my activities. That's why we've attended online church the last couple of weeks. 

 May God bless you all, keep you safe in every way, and help you be thrifty and creative. Please share things you've been doing or plan to do in the comments. I need to get my creativity and resourcefulness revved up a bit!


Loving God and Loving Others along life's way.

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  1. We got a rain and snow mix. I would have like an inch or so.

  2. Oh yay!! I love thrifty posts. I learn stuff all the time from others and this will be perfect for this year.

  3. Posting about what we do does help keep us accountable. Good luck!

  4. I just love thrifty blogs and ideas!

  5. You're looking pretty, Laura Lane. Like you, I like looking out at the snow more than being out in it. We had snow and freezing rain yesterday. The wind has been the rough part...30 mph. That make the cold hurt. Looking forward to your thrig=fty ideas and posts.

  6. Hi Laura~ I love being thrifty and many good ideas out there! I'm looking forward to your posts...enjoy the white stuff and stay warm!


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