Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Healthy Eating Resumes with Gotta Go to the Store Salad

 Time to renew my efforts at healthy eating.  We were super busy in March, and I'm afraid I allowed our eating habits to get lazy.  After a couple of months of eating lots of fruits and vegetables, beans,  nuts and grains, we fell back into some of our old eating habits.  The result?  My husband and I both found ourselves more tired and in more pain.  I think it's pretty obvious that what we were eating made a big difference in how we were feeling. 
This morning I had a nice bowl of oatmeal with Rice Dream rice milk.  With oatmeal, it tastes like skim milk.  I get it at Wal-Mart in the milk section.  I put in a link in case it's not available at your store.

Since I missed my regular shopping time last week, I'm running a low on fresh veggies.  I checked through the fridge, found a little Romaine, some better-use-it-up-now broccoli, the last bit of pecans in the bag and some raisins.  I cannot put off shopping another day.   

Gotta Go to the Store Salad.

Romaine Lettuce
Newman's Own Lite Raspberry & Walnut Dressing

Tonight, I'll be serving chili left over from Saturday evening.  Then, I'm heading to the store to buy some  fresh veggies to enjoy this week.  What are you doing to improve your eating habits this week?

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  1. Looks good to me! :) We are starting to eat a lot of different beans which I am having fun with… Bean burgers, bean soups, etc...

  2. You know, I find that when I think I just HAVE to go to the store...and don't wnt to...we eat better. I keep a fully stocked pantry, naturally, and it's just the time and paying attention.

    I know what you mean about eating and feeling better. We always use the vanilla Rice Dream, and it's good. Very little dairy in our house...it's not worth the feeling icky.

    I picked a bunch of wild greens the other day for our salad--dandelion, chickweed, baby kale peeking up through the straw, sweet clover...walking onions, parsnips and carrots. It was awesome.

  3. Your salad looked yummy. I so love steamed broccoli, I am not too much for raw food it seems hard to digest. But some things are a must for raw.
    Blessings and have a great week!

  4. I love coming up with new recipes when the cupboards are bare. We got a little lazy with our eating in March too. Better than the SAD but not our best.

  5. Yum! Found you on Frugal Days and would love to have you join us on Wildcrafting Wednesday today!


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