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10 Top Tips to Socialize Kittens

Cute, cuddly kittens are so much fun. But scratchy, whiny kittens are a plague. ~smile~ Learn to socialize your kittens to make them good companions for their new owners... or for you!
Here's how I do it.

One of my favorite things... Kittens! They're one of the cutest creations God made. I find them irresistible.  A few years ago, we had a momma cat who was quite, shall we say, popular? We kept trying to get her "fixed", but we couldn't get the timing right. So, we had  the opportunity to help a number of  kittens become "value added" kittens. What made them such? Socialization! While I don't believe in socializing children, it's imperative for kittens if you want cuddly, snuggly, friendly kittens who won't make you sing Cat Scratch Fever. ~smile~ Truthfully, I don't remember the song, but the title fit. If you find yourself  with a litter of kittens, please use these tips to help them be good pets for their new owners. 

Here are my top tips 
for making kittens 
lovable and people friendly. 

  • Hold and handle them often from the time their eyes open. Even small children, with supervision, can pet them. Make sure small children do not handle them alone.
  • Hold them on their backs often. Remember how you held your baby dolls? They won't like it, but it helps prepare them to be handled by children and to be more docile.
  • Play with them often—both inside and outside if they will be allowed both places.
  • Speak and sing to them. Just get them used to your voice.
  • Rub and play with their paws a lot. They don't naturally like it. It helps them learn not to scratch so much. 
  • Carry them around with you as you do things. I met someone once who suggested letting them ride on your shoulder as you go about the house. It's not one of my methods, but try it if you'd like.
  • Teach them to use a litter box. Just put them in there shortly after they eat. They'll figure it out.
  • Take them for rides in the car. They're going to take that first car ride sometime. Help it to be less traumatic for them and for their new owner. I actually took one in the car with me one day and unexpectedly ended up in a town forty-five minutes away. After over two hours in the car, Tiger became very compliant. In fact, after using all these methods, he was such a sweet butter in your hands kind of kitten, my husband, who doesn't like cats, decided to keep him!

  • Take two— they're small. Seriously, if you are going to get a kitten, get two! They are so much easier to raise in pairs. All that crazy, high energy is channeled into playing with each other instead of attacking your legs, your furniture, and your favorite sweater. ~smile~ Instead of being double trouble, they are so much more fun to watch. Plus they're double the lovey cuddles!
  • Lastly, pray over your kittens. God knows the perfect home for them whether it's yours or someone else's. Pray for the right home and for the right temperament for the kitten. God cares about the details of your life.

Have you adopted a kitten? Though these tips work best from the time they're tiny, give them a try. They may just help your older kitten to become your feline best friend forever.

Be blessed!

Happy at Home


  1. cant beat a kitten fix first thing in the morning!!

  2. Great tips, no kittens or cats here...our landlady has one and we can visit anytime we want, lol. Have a beautiful day, friend.

  3. I've never raised kittens. Only a puppy and that alone is a lot of work. I figured cats are so independent and their temperaments vary so much you more of less leave them on their own. Great tips here.

    1. I'm not so good at puppies, Michelle. I feel like I've learned to get along with my Doxie mix, but she's not obedient unless she wants to be.

      Kittens are very independent. That's one reason i enjoy them. If you leave them alone though, they won't be good pets. They don't have that same need for us that dogs do.

      Be blessed,

  4. I like your loving approach to raising a 'socialized" kitten...I have the same love for this creature that God made...

  5. Aww soooo sweet. I did the touch the paw and rub it with
    my older cat. I started a little at a time each day and did it for a month. She then allowed. Me to trim a couple of her nails at a time . We worked up to a whole paw at once. Her sister said forget the whole paw one claw at a time is all she can stand. She is a come tenative and shy cat. They all have there own personalities.
    Have a blessed week.

  6. No Laura I have not had kittens before. I like dogs though but thanks for your tips.
    How have you been?
    God bless

  7. Great tips Laura. There's nothing quite as cute as baby kittens. Love those big eyes and cute furry faces! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  8. we just got a pair of kittens last week, so this was good timing. They are both gentle and sweet already, and I think it is partly because the kids at the farm where we got them did handle them. We hold them a lot, sometimes on their backs, carry them around and talk to them, and they have adjusted to their new home and family in record time. I hadn't thought about handling their paws, but we'll start doing that as well. Good tips - thanks!

    1. Dear Kym,
      I'm so glad the article was perfect timing for you. I enjoy my full grown yellow tabby, a lazy cuddle toy, but I enjoy the playfulness and cuteness of kittens. Enjoy!

  9. GREAT posting!! Kittens/cats are wonderful companions.
    I have a funny story for you.....we got a cat from a rescue organization who had never lived with cats. She was born at the facility, and was unable to swallow. The volunteers raised her on a bottle..massaging her throat to teach her to swallow. Eventually she caught on and in a few months could eat solid food and then kibble. So...we came along at about a year and decided she was the cat for us. She had lived in a cage most of her life because she could not get along with other cats. I suppose she has always thought she was a human child!! After we had her for a while, it occurred to us that she never made any noise except to purr. Well, hubby took on the task of teaching her to meow :^) The outcome of this long story is...we have a cat who now meows, but with the vocal inflections of a human's speech. She will also walk up to you and "start" the conversation. If you make her mad, she goes off grumbling.... It is the funniest thing I have ever seen!!
    Blessings to you and have a lovely long weekend,

    1. I loved this story! It's really neat how animals adapt. Thanks for talking back.

  10. I foster cats and kittens. Friends call me "Gail,grabby hands" bc I constently touch my kits. More times better than 1 long time. Your tips are right on except touching right after eyes open, caveat,,just occassionally touch until 3 weeks old. Gail TF

    1. OH, I didn't mean to handle them a lot at that age, Gail. Just a bit when they are tiniest so that they become used to it. Thanks for the tip.


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