Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Tipsy Tuesday #1 at Harvest Lane Cottage

  Sometimes you find a tip that is just so good you've got to share it. I've decided to do so on Tuesdays. If you have a tip to share, please do so in the comments! 

  Today's tip is tried and true. We've lived in our home for nearly nine years now. It's an old bungalow style house that needs lots of work. Calling it a cottage makes me feel better about that. ~smile~ Over the years we've had lots of trouble with ants in the kitchen. I don't like creepy crawlies! That usually means a call to the exterminator and a check for $70. This summer, money's pretty tight.

  A few weeks ago, I shared a link to a do-it-yourself ant poison. It worked great. I wanted to share the link with you again, because it really worked. The little critters showed up again yesterday, so I had my daughter (20) mix up a small batch and set it out on the counter for their dining pleasure. Ooh sounds like something out of a murder mystery!


 The original recipe makes a large batch of poison. I cut it down quite a bit. I made 1/6 of a recipe since it makes so much. Here are my measurements for 1/6 of the ant poison recipe. 

1/6 cup of sugar, 
1 1/2 t Borax
1/2 cup warm water. 

Just mix it all together and put it on cotton balls. See the pin below for more details.  

Keep it away from pets and children. Borax is toxic!

Best wishes! Share your favorite tip in the comments!

Laura Lane
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  1. Good Morning Laura,
    I so look forward to your newsletter and pray for you and your family. My tip on getting rid of ants is cinnamon! I even use it on my porch. In the house I try to follow the line to where they're coming in or just sprinkle on the entire line is very good too. In the yard, sprinkle on the hole where they're coming out if it is readily seen or just again, sprinkle on the line of them. They take it into the nest and "bye bye". I've also read of doing the same thing with just sprinkling chili powder. Love to you

    1. Who would have thought, Connie? Thanks for the tips!

  2. Thank you for the tip, I have gotten ants a couple of times. I really don’t like that kind of visitor! 😊 Hugs,

    1. I totally agree, better than spiders, but I still don't like them.

  3. We have a stream of ants from time to time; this is great to know. Do you just lay the cotton ball down here and there, or do you keep them in the dish?

    1. I tried putting them in the dish, and they didn't find it quick enough for me. I put down a doubled over sheet of waxed paper in their path, put the wet cotton balls in it, and then dribbled some of the poison over the paper. They found it and came quicker.

  4. Yes this is a good recipe. Those little suckers eat it share with the colony and they all die. Try it!

  5. I have used Malt-O-Meal on ant mounds outside. They eat it and take it to the queen, then drink water, it expands and they explode. Kill the queen, kill the ants. I've also used Dr Goodpet Non-toxic Yard Spray. It says it's for fleas and it kills ants, ticks, flies, centipedes, beetles, roaches. It comes in powder form so I just put the powder on the ant mounds and it kills them good. It contains diatomaceous. I got mine at a health food store.

  6. Last year I cared for a friend's dog. I kept having trouble with the ants taking over the dog's food bowl that I kept on the porch. I sprinkled lemon essential oil underneath the bowl and to my surprise no ants. I did this once a week last summer and it worked. 🍋


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