Sunday, August 14, 2022

It Grows on Trees

 Has anyone ever told you that money doesn't grow on trees?

Picture from Meichele on Pixabay

I just enjoyed a lovely old 1952 movie starring Irene done called it grows on trees. It opens with a 1950s housewife being asked by her many children and husband for different things that they need. Everything costs money, and they don't have enough. She scrubs and saves but it's never enough. While her husband is shaving, a $5 bill floats through the window. They take it as money from heaven. What follows is a humorous story of money that grows on trees and how this over-excited housewife handles it. It's free to watch on YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it!

Be blessed!


Happy at Home

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  1. I loved the book Mama's bank account it is a similar story.

    1. I remember reading that years ago. It was excellent.

  2. Ah, now this looks like a movie I would enjoy! I am going to look for it! Thanks:) I hope you are enjoying a good week thus far. It is a lovely Tuesday here in Virginia! Oh and a recipe for fried reminds me of my mother! She was an amazing cook - and her okra was delicious!!:)

    1. I've been having a good week. Buried my step-mum Monday. That wasn't good, but it was good to reunite with family members that I hadn't seen in decades. It was also good that I was able to see her shortly before she passed and be sure that she had accepted Jesus as her savior. God bless you!

  3. Hi Laura~ I love old movies! YouTube is definitely the place to go to find some old movie treasures. Wouldn't it be nice if money grew on trees?! I'm going on to search this movie right now! Have a great week! Hugs, Barb

    1. It does, but it's called peaches, pears, apples, cherries and nuts.LOL

  4. Hi Laura, we've saved the movie to share together one night. Thank you :) my husband especially loves very old movies !

    1. ​Hello Friend Linda!
      I'm so glad. I think you'll both enjoy the movie, especially since it's mostly about the relationship between the husband and wife. I'd love you to share movies that you find and enjoy. Sometimes, unless you know what to look for, it's hard to find good entertainment.
      Blessings to you! I'll be over to your wonderful blog very soon for a visit.

  5. This looks like a good movie. I wonder if it is available on DVD? I am not able to watch things online. Thank you for sharing this!


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