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My Summer Reading List 2017 Harvest Lane Cottage

Summertime and the living is easy... or not. Is it not strange how we look forward to summer when things slow down, then we look forward to fall when things slow down, then we look forward to winter when things slow down?

Well whether you find yourself in a slow season or a busy season, it's always the season to enjoy a good book. Read to learn, to relax, to visit a far off land, to enjoy with a book club, or to read aloud with your family to go on an adventure.

I've a bit of time to read this summer, but I find that I'm wanting something light. I've got some faith builders on the list, but I'll be looking for some fiction to round out the list. Now don't judge me! I love Christmas books all year round, and I found the one on my list on my library's sale shelf. I start looking forward to Christmas in July. You should, too!

I'm looking forward to adding to my list from a box of books I hear is coming my way from a dear friend. How exciting is that? So I'll be back here to add a few new books soon.

Happy reading!
Happy with my nose
in a book or a Kindle!

Believing Prayer 
by Andrew Murray
Engaging Father Christmas
by Robin Jones Gunn
So good I finished before I published!
Hey, I love Christmas books.
Why wait? 

I Saw the Angel in the Marble
by Chris & Ellyn Davis
Bible Faith Study Course
by Kenneth E. Hagin
I am reading this.

Lessons at Blackberry Inn 
by Karen Andreola
Finished. Loved it!

Where Willows Grow
by Kim Vogel Sawyer

The Enchanted Barn
by Grace Livingston Hill
in my Kindle
Finished! Loved this one!

The Widow of Larkspur Inn
by Lawana Blackwell
in my Kindle
I enjoyed this a great deal.

by The Better Mom Writers
in my Kindle
The Gift of a Legacy
The Icecutter's Daughter

OH! A dear reader reminded me...

I'm reading the Book of Proverbs right now,
then I'll most likely start the whole Bible again.

The Legacy  by Michael Phillips
It's here! 
Finished. Loved it!

Don't forget to take a child to sign up for a summer reading program at your local library. They can win fun prizes. 

Do you find it hard to make time to read? Don't fret. Snatch those small moments sprinkled here and there during the week. Snatch reading is key for ladies who have young children or work outside the home. Don't be without a book! For years my children would hear me tell them, as we were leaving the house, "Bring a book!" Still need suggestions? Try 5 Ways to Find Time to Read.

I hope this list inspires you to make a list of your own. Peruse your own shelves or stacks, the library, or read some of my book reviews.


Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Relaxing with a Good Book This Summer

Here's the link to Baker Publishing's Ebook Deals. 
Some of the books are free for your Kindle or Nook.

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  1. Hi Laura,

    "The Enchanted Barn" is one of my favorite Grace Livingston Hill books! It is a perfect summer read. I also really enjoyed the Gresheam Chronicles. Once you start that particular series it may be hard to stop. : )


  2. Looks like a great list, sweet friend. :) Sending love and hugs your way today...and lots of prayers!

  3. Hi Laura!
    A while back you shared a link to free ebooks. I couldn't find it again in your blog (probably searching for the wrong thing) nor can I remember the name of
    the company that had the free ebooks. My mom is home bound and has fallen in love with her Kindle. Lol. I gave her that link from your blog but neither she nor I can remember the details. Any idea what I'm talking about?

    Mrs U

    1. Hello Mrs. U,

      Here's a link to Baker Publishing's Ebook Deals. Several of the books are free. It looks like there are some good ones available right now.

      Your mom can also search for free Christian Ebooks on Amazon.

      I hope this helps!

      God bless!

  4. Hello, I don't necessarily make a list although I usually have a few books on the kindle waiting for me....I like the ones you can borrow and so I do that, also from Overview I borrow for kindle from our local library...I hear people say they don't have time to read and you know, we all have the same 24 hours in a day so its just a matter of setting aside time to read...
    Mama Bear

  5. I love Christmas books/magazines year round. My favorite time of year..
    I am reading through the bible now, reading a Time with God, and also reading through several magazines I have ordered.

    How are you feeling? Hope your doing well, and this round of chemo is not as bad. Sending prayers your way.. hugs.

    1. Glad you reminded me. I'm reading Proverbs, then I'll probably start the whole Bible again...or maybe just the New Testament.

      Feeling poorly. Some of the same side effects as last time—not as bad—but I've added some new ones that are troublesome, too. I'm only four weeks into the eighteen of chemo. It's going to be a long summer.

      Thank you for praying.

    2. So sorry Laura... I hate to hear that.. Will be praying harder.. Wish I could help you.. hugs.

  6. Hi Laura...
    Just last night I finished my third read (over 10 year span) of The Enchanted Barn! I've only read a few GLH books but I can highly recommend this particular one! It is precious!
    For a tremendous faith booster, may I suggest a little powerful book by Patricia King entitled 31 Decrees of Blessing which takes scriptural PROMISES of God and forms our thinking to believe and accept them as true truth for our lives. I think you'd find it an amazing fortification for the weeks (and LIFE) ahead!
    Also highly recommend two Sally Clarkson books, Own Your Life, and The Lifegiving Home just for solid woman-life encouragement.
    Also, for pleasant country life journal/diary genre, no one beats vintage Gladys Taber. I have some duplicates if you are interested in this sort of reading.
    Thank you for your recommendations, too! Let us know what Where Willows Grow is like...
    You're in my prayers.

    1. ​I am interested in this type of reading Lori. I did read The Lifegiving Home. It was good. I've never heard of Gladys Taber or Patricia King. I couldn't find your email address.
      Thank you for praying!
      Be blessed! Laura​

  7. All those books sound wonderful. Sometimes I just want light reading, it helps me to unwind. Hope you really enjoy them.
    Glad you are being blessed from your friend.
    Hoping for a wonderful week for you!

  8. I just got my first Kindle a few weeks ago and I am loving it!

    Our youngest son always read in the car and was never without a book but when he started driving he did not know how to get anywhere because he had never paid attention. He is our smart on though and was just accepted to Georgia Tech for his Masters degree.

    I trust you are still doing well. Enjoy your summer reading!

  9. Your list looks wonderful Laura! I've read a few so far and have started a new one. I joined the adult summer reading program at our library with the kids and so far have read four books. With this hot summer, I'm thinking I'll be reading a lot.

    I hope you are doing well today. I think and pray for you often!

    Take care of yourself!

    Hugs to you,

    1. It's a good way to spend a hot summer!
      I do wish I were putting my feet in some sand somewhere beautiful though!

  10. Sounds like a great reading list you've got Laura! I like Micheal Phillips, I remember reading his books years ago. Will look forward to your review on that book :) Will continue praying for your continued healing, and help through chemo! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much Marilyn. I shall pray for your family, too. I know it's never easy when a loved one passes over. Thoughts and emotions come even months later. Be blessed dearie!

      This series is the first I've read of Michael Phillips. I think I may search out some of his other books someday, too.

      Good evening!


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