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A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage #120

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Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage!
Each week I share ways I've saved money, my thrifty and frugal projects, and my blessings from God. 

A Thrifty Week at Harvest Lane Cottage
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  Another week behind us! It's amazing. I am sure I was just writing about my last thrifty week such a short time ago. I guess when life is full, time seems to move quicker.

  Well, enough for now—on to my blessings and a bit of our thrifty life.

Source: Christian QuotesFree quotes and images
Here's my thrifty week!
  • We took a bag of clothes to the Crisis Center.
  • I bought a skein of yarn for a garnet hat for 30% off at Hobby Lobby.
  • I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to get a large crochet hook for Amy.
  • Amy and I went to Chik-Fil-A for lunch. Using my gift card from Christmas, we only had to pay a little over $10 for the two of us to enjoy lunch out. It's not a thrifty place to eat. But I finally realized, when I do go out to lunch, I am voting with my dollars. Do I want to vote for Chik-Fil-A to stay open or for the cheap hamburger joint to stay open? Yeah, I'll vote for the place with Christian values that employs lots of Christian homeschooled kids in our area.
  • My friend, Niki, brought me a Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks to church Sunday. Yum! Thank you Niki!
  • My daughter, Emily, reorganized some drawers in the kitchen so that we can find things. Acts of service is one of my main love languages, so when someone does something for me like that, it just about brings me to tears; because, it makes me feel so very loved.

  • We heated primarily with our wood stove. Lowell bought the wood early in the season at a good price.
  • I used a red Sharpie to color in a little chip on the edge of my snowman spoon rest. It's hardly noticeable now. Funny how little things like that, which take moments, can make such a difference.
  • My son, Matthew, bought some Christmas bows for me for $.23 a bag. He brought several. Thank you Matthew!
  • Our friends gave us a dresser for our son, Michael. Thank you Ed and Amy!
  • My husband bought a refurbished laptop for $200 at The Software Center. They've been great at keeping our computers in good shape long after some folks would have discarded them. I type this blog on a desktop computer that we received second hand back in 2011! No, I don't really want a new computer. This one works for me.
  • I met a friend for a drink at the local coffee shop during my daughter's piano lesson. She kindly bought my Chai tea latte. Thanks Beth!
  • I visited a knitting group at The Brew at the invitation of two of my nurses Laura and Pat. It was frugal since I purchased hot tea for Amy and I instead of more expensive drinks. I tried a Rooibos. Yum! Thanks for the invitation ladies.
  • I used a long crochet hook to remove hair and yuck from our bathroom drain. I do it regularly since my daughters have long hair. It saves calling the plumber!
  • My friend took me to lunch at Red Onion Express. We both ordered the spinach salad. Oh my it was delectable! Thank you for lunch Regina! It was fun and delicious. 
  • I bought body wash, soap, toothpaste, bread and butter pickles, stain remover and a few other things at Dollar Tree. I don't usually look at their grocery aisle, but they're getting some good things. I bought a 1 1/2 lb. box of spaghetti which, with a jar of Aldi spaghetti sauce and some ground venison given to us, will make an inexpensive dinner. Even if I use a pound of the ground chuck I bought on sale a few weeks ago, it will be inexpensive. I even have half a loaf of french bread in the freezer to complete the meal. 
  • My husband made popcorn for a snack. Yum!
  • I visited with friends Thursday afternoon and gave away some homeschooling books. Real estate and education investment!
  • I downloaded a free pattern from Ravelry for my latest hat project. It's called Langstaff Road.  I'm harvestlanelaura on Ravelry. 
  • Amy filled another give away bag!
  • I collected some ideas on Pinterest for Christmas gifts.
  • I found out about Christian Quotes. It's a website where you can use images with quotes or scripture for free. Check it out!
That's my thrifty week.

What are you doing in your home this week?


May you find peace and joy this week 
regardless of  your situation.

...doing what I can with what I've got
where I am on a short shoestring budget!


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  1. What great thrifty joys and thanks for sharing them here. My love language is ALL services acts. lol Doesn't work well around here because it is the lowest one on my hubby's list...his is almost all words of affirmation.

    Hope you have a blessed wonderful weekend. xo Diana

  2. It sounds like you had a great week! You did some very FUN things and I'm happy for you. I used permanent markers to 'fix' stuff too. I have a few nicks on my ceramic tile that I have to color in sometimes. I agree with you on voting with your dollars and Chick Fil A wins my vote! And the food is always fresh and good! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Hi, Laura! Prayed for you today. :) Blessings.

  4. Laura,
    Wow! You have been busy!
    And such great ideas!
    The drains...
    Always! lol
    Have a cozy weekend!

  5. I think someone is feeling better:) You go girl!

  6. It's good to hear that you are getting out and about! I agree about voting with my dollars. Chick-fil-A is always a win. Sounds like you had a wonderful, thrifty week!

  7. Yay you! You had a great week!

    We bought 4 fresh pineapples on sale for 99 cents each and canned them into 12 pint jars. It is yummy!

    Back when we had more money than time we hired the neighbor kids to do yard work. Now my husband has been doing it. Free!

    We were able to change our health insurance to the higher deductible plan which will save us a lot of money this year. We also found out that hubby's previous employer had deposited $2400 into a healthcare spending account for us that we can use until it is gone even if it not this year. Yay! Dr. visits paid for!

    We had breakfast out with friends. We ordered the 2.99 special and enjoyed our time with them.

    I ordered new paddles for my bread machine since the current ones are peeling and tearing up the bread when we dump it out. The machine saves us $12 to 15 every week on breads and the paddles cost $20.

    I bought an additional pressure canner for $75 in Swagbucks gift cards so no cost to us. We are really going to be able to get it done next time we do green beans!

    One of our alternative healthcare practitioners offered to treat my husband for as long as he needs it for no charge. So blessed by her. He went on Wednesday and I already see that he is doing better.

    Enjoy your weekend! It will be cold and rainy here so lots of time on the couch with a blanket and a good book!

  8. proud you had a good week.. And you got some very sweet gifts.. Friends are wonderful, aren't they?
    I agree with eating at Chic-Fil-A , I had rather support christian places anyday.. I love hobby lobby for that reason too.
    Praying for you .. Take care of yourself.

  9. Always love reading your thrifty posts! Inspires me to be more frugal. I've done well with Low Spend January this week. Got a refund of $9 from the oral surgeon due to an insurance adjustment. YAY. Returned at rug that just didn't work and got a $409 refund and we decided to forgo another rug so that's a full return of cash. Thanks so much for inspiring us to look at our lives in a different way!

  10. Thank you for sharing. You continue to be in my prayers. Warm and cosy weekend blessings to you and your family. Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

  11. Hola mi querida hermanita, muy regocijada por la lista ahorrativa a lo largo de la semana. En verdad, Dios es muy bueno, y para siempre es su misericordia. Muchos besitos preciosa hermanita,bendecido finde ,Dios te continúe fortaleciendo y llenando de su paz y gozo 😘😘🙏🙏


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