Thursday, June 2, 2016

Just for Fun... a Summer Break Morning

Finding NemoAh... summer time... 
summer break... 
sleeping late...
and whether 4 or 14, 8 or 18, 
the girls still like Finding Nemo.

This will be the last summer of its kind. Emily is graduating. She and Michael (16) are going to work this summer. In a sense, all things are going to change. Momma misses the days of littles. ~smiles~

Seize the day! Enjoy your kids no matter their ages. 


  1. Funny, we were just discussing this very thing...smiles

  2. Happy Summer!
    And yes...the days of littles are fleeting.
    Blessings for a peaceful and relaxing summer. : )

    1. Happy summer to you Billie Jo! I haven't had a relaxing summer since before the Joplin tornado in 2011. I would like a relaxing, peaceful summer! I receive it in Jesus' Name!

  3. Laura. It is so sad to see our babies growing up..It seems like it happens over night. smile.. But, off to work they will go this summer, and you will be so proud of them for doing what you taught them.. smile.
    My babies are 39 and 43. It seems it was only yesterday, they were under my feet and I would be frustrated with the busyness of children..
    but........... Today.. I would love to take the time and totally enjoy them.. Have a great summer.. hugs.

    1. As I was holding my Amy (14) tonight, I thought what a blessing that she still wants me to sing her song to her at night. The others seem to have outgrown it. The time is fleeting.


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