Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Anxiety, Depression, and Saturation in God's Word

A bit ago I wrote about my experience with anxiety and depression.  I wrote this in response to one of the comments I received.

God is indeed the answer.  You know, just this instant I realized something.  Since January 2012, I have been reading and listening to the Bible a lot.  By listening*, I can saturate myself with God's Word even while I am doing things around the house.  I believe that has been part of my healing.

I am more aware of how my sin separated me from God.

I am more aware of how the love of Jesus, the Son of God, kept Him on the cross in punishment for my sins.

I am more aware of how His resurrection cancelled my debt of sin and washed me clean simply because I accepted and received God's forgiveness.

I am more aware of my need to give my life completely to God, and seek Him.

I am more aware that it's all grace not perfection.

I am more aware that it's all about Jesus, about God, about the Holy Spirit.

I am more in love with Jesus.

Draw close to God. He will draw close to you. His love for you is everlasting.  Jesus is deeply in love with you. Will you fall more deeply in love with Jesus?

Goodness, I've got my preach on this morning. ~smile~
But, you know, when it comes down to it, only one thing is important. 
What will our relationship be with Jesus Christ?

Blessings to you!


*I use YouVersion and Bible Gateway.

Note:  I am not a medical doctor or practitioner.  This is my experience with the Word of God.  You must make your own choices about your health.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Ringing Phone and a Clicking Keyboard

I enjoyed my homemaking Saturday.  I went to a few garage sales, made enchiladas, froze corn, and baked homemade bread.  Here's how it went....

Morning was announced by the ringing of the phone. We have a very old, very loud phone.  I found this old-fashioned dial phone a few weeks ago at a yard sale.  Since my answering machine isn't hooked up, it rang and rang and rang until I woke up enough to go to the living room and answer it this morning.  It was my mother-in-law checking in.  ~smile~
My Amy had a birthday party to attend at 10:00.  We dropped her off, visited with the parents for a few minutes, and headed out garage saling with our sons.  My husband found this soup tureen for $5.00.  I offered $3.00 and took it home.  I'm learning to bargain. ~smile~
After a sandwich lunch, I relaxed for awhile and read a couple chapters of The Letters.  I'll be reviewing it next month.  It's about an Amish widow who decides to open their home as a bed and breakfast.  I like the way the story is told from the viewpoint of several characters.

Next up, blanching and freezing corn.  Lowell took me shopping at a discount grocery store yesterday.  I bought 40 ears of Peaches and Cream sweet corn for ten cents an ear.  Today I blanched and froze it.  Of course we ate some for supper with our baked chicken and $1 watermelon.
While the corn was blanching, I put together two Enchilada Casseroles for tomorrow.  I'll take one to a friend who had surgery a few days ago. 
I mixed up a big batch of bread dough just before dinner and let it rise while we were eating.  Three loaves of white bread will go to church with me tomorrow.  There's a bake sale to raise money for my little girl's Bible study class.  I had an hour or so of dishes and clean-up during which I listened to some Psalms and Proverbs.
A bedtime snack with real butter.  These rolls will complete our enchilada meal Sunday. 
My day began with an old-fashioned ringing phone and ended with a new-fangled keyboard sending my thoughts around the world.  It was a full day.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
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I find that I can concentrate on my work around the house so much better when I'm listening to the Bible, a sermon, a teaching tape or even an audio book.  It makes the time go more quickly and the work seem easier.


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Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Raining!

It's a lovely rainy day.  
It's only 70 degrees in July!  
Praise God!
I'm off to the kitchen to make peanut butter cookies!
Joy to my little cottage home!

Happy at Home

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Anxious or Depressed?

Sometimes I find myself thinking anxious thoughts in an out-of-control way.  Or I feel like the depression cloud is falling in on me. 

The one thing that stops it in its tracks is resisting the devil...he must flee!

I do this by saying loudly, "NO!  or Stop!"  Then I speak the truth aloud.  Sometimes I read scriptures aloud.  Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  It works because the Word works!  There's something about speaking the Word to myself  aloud, authoritatively that works.  I don't do this perfectly.  I don't always catch it right away.  But I'm improving.  ~smile~

Well, by now you've either decided I'm a little crazy, or you've got something to think and pray about. 

May God bless you richly.  Oh, and one more thing....


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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Where's Laura? Why Isn't She Posting?

Here I am!
What a July it's been!

It seems that the last few weeks have been busier than ever.  Here's a bit of the excitement around the Cottage....

~ We doggy sat for a dear friend for three weeks .  She was visiting family in Samoa.  Yes, the South Pacific island Samoa.  The children now know what it takes to care for a puppy.  His name was Tiger.  He was the bounciest little dog we've ever seen!

~ Our cat had kittens again.  Mind you, we gave the last batch away Mother's Day weekend! This time, I'm a kitty grammy to five girls and a boy.  Three of the kittens have no tails!  The one boy is light grey and does have a tail.  We have two grey girls, two golden yellow girls, and a dark tabby with golden yellow highlights on her face and body.

~ My grandmother and cousins came to visit last week.  There was the usual cleaning and preparation that accompanies the arrival of beloved guests.

~ That was quickly followed by a conference at our church this past weekend.  My family members worked at various times all week and during the weekend to prepare and help during the conference.  Busy busy! 

~ A very long to do list was to done.  Yep, wrote it just like I say it.  ~smile~

~ Today we'll have church followed by lunch, a Sunday School class, then my mother-in-law will have dinner with us to celebrate her birthday.

Busy busy busy!

Have a blessed Sunday and a thrifty and frugal week!

Happy at Home
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Wildflower Summer

Brown Eyed Susans

Queen Anne's Lace

Purple Coneflowers

Copyright 2013 
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Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Housewife

Isn't she pretty?
I do wish being a housewife was a more honored position these days.

Blessings to you from Harvest Lane Cottage,


*Image Credit Nostalgiaville.com.  
They have all kinds of old signs and magazine covers.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Why We Homeschool

Someone recently asked me why we homeschool.  This is what I told her.

I was trained as a teacher in college.  I didn't find a position right out of school, so I went to work in insurance.  When my first son was born, after much prayer and many discussions with my husband, we decided that I'd be a stay-at-home mom until he started school. 

As school age approached, I became aware of homeschooling through Dr. James Dobson's Focus on the Family radio program and through some books that crossed my path. After research and prayer, my husband and I became convicted that it was God's will for our family to homeschool.  My son also had some special needs that we felt could be handled best in a home environment.  We've been homeschooling since 1995.

So, here are some of our reasons:

1.  We believe that God gave us, as parents, the responsibility to teach and train our children. 

2.  We believe that we are to protect the innocence of our children as well as physically protect our children.

3.  We believe our family is closer because we live life together on a daily basis.

When our family grew, our little school did as well. I've found that there are some advantages:

1.  Learning takes place at each child's pace rather than trying to keep up with a class or wait for a class.

2.  Children thrive with individual attention.

3.  Negative influences from peers are limited.

4.  I can teach them truth from God's Word as absolute truth.  All other subjects, especially science, are viewed from that biblical perspective.

5.  My children are better socialized than school children.  They know how to interact with adults and children well.  Homeschool groups and church provide playmates. 

6.  They have more time for following individual interests.  One of my daughters writes worship songs and participates on our worship and dance teams at church.  One of my sons is teaching himself to make knives and raises animals.  My youngest enjoys sewing and crafts.

7.  They're not afraid of speaking in front of people.

8.  Homeschooling works well for families that have fathers who work unusual hours as well.

These are some reasons we homeschool; but, ultimately, we homeschool because that is what God called us to do.
You can find more information about homeschooling at http://hslda.org. That's the Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day, The Fourth of July, July 4th, Freedom! God Bless America!

Independence Day, The Fourth of July, July 4th  Whatever you call it, it's the symbol of American freedom.   That freedom has been paid for by the generations of Americans who have fought for it.  It's being threatened from within in a way that it's never been threatened before.  Our freedom is from God, but I encourage you to pray and fight for it in whatever ways God guides you.  We can all do something. 

To celebrate the 4th, we're going to have a barbeque, swim in our creek, and then go into town for the fireworks display.   My husband invited the interns who are serving at our church as a part of our continued Joplin Tornado rebuilding efforts. Hope 4 Joplin is still helping to repair and rebuild homes as well as providing food and supplies to those hardest hit by the tornado, the poor and needy.  If you want to be a part of that, leave me a note in the comments, and I'll write to you.

Here are some of my thoughts and memories of Independence Days past.

Independence Day Memories
Drip Drip Drip Boom!
Remembering Respect

Have a happy Independence Day, please pray for our country!


Thanking God for my freedom
Praying for our Country 

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday at the Cottage

On this lovely day....

A little Bible...   Romans 1 & 2
 I keep track of where I'm at by a reading plan checklist on You Version.  

A little crocheting... Simple dishcloth  Chain 21, Turn, *SC in second chain from end.  SC to end of row.  Chain 1.  Turn and repeat from *.  Work until square.  Then end it off and weave in ends.

A little computer time...  E-mail, linking a few posts to blog parties, reading a few blogs, and a little writing.

A little serving...  Helping in the kitchen after our church supper.

A little church...  Pastor is teaching about  Gifts of the Holy Spirit.

A few minutes of relaxation, then a little sleeping.
Living this life a little at a time.

May I suggest?


Monday, July 1, 2013

It's the First of July!


July first is officially the first day of the new school year in Missouri. If you're a public school teacher or parent, that probably doesn't matter one iota to you. BUT, if you're a homeschooling parent, you can start recording all of the educational activities your child does on July 1st.*

If you're new to homeschooling, or just considering it, know that it is so worth it. You can find information about homeschooling and your state's requirements at the Homeschool Legal Defence Association website.

So, happy new year homeschool families!


Edited to add:

*My friend, Deb, reminded me that there was a change in the Missouri law awhile back.  The school year goes a calendar year from when you start, I believe.  If you live in Missouri, please double check; don't take my word on it.  ~smile~

I've been doing this so long, I still use July 1 - June 30.

**Thanks to An Ordinary Mom for the use of this graphic.